7 stars Computers Corporation

Founded in 2022, 7stars Computers Corporation is a retailer of personal computers, IT and components, as well as consumer electronics. Over its 2-year history in Canada, they continue to provide customers with the best products at the best value that the computer retail world can offer.

7 Stars Computers Co. LLC. d/b/a 7 Stars
Computers (hereafter also referred to as the Company, or the Canadian
Subsidiary) is a Burlington, Ontario-based subsidiary of an existing
Kuwaiti-based company, Seven Stars Computer Company Limited (hereafter also
referred to as the Parent Company). The Company will replicate the proven business
model of its Parent Company in Canada. 7 Stars Computers will sell a variety of
IT equipment, components and devices, as well as provide repairing,
refurbishing, network infrastructure building and maintenance, and other IT
related services. The Company will specialise in repairing Apple products.

    Company Summary

Seven Stars Computer Company Limited was incorporated
in 2015, in Kuwait. Seven Stars Computer Company Limited started building
custom personal computers back in 2002, having been established in response to
increased demand for high-quality computer repairing services and hardware.

The Parent Company sells IT equipment such
as computers, POS systems, and other hardware, and provides IT-related services
such as computer repair and refurbishing services, corporate network
infrastructure building and maintenance services, and telecommunication design
and implementation services, as well as workflow automation (CRM employment)
and data processing. Seven Stars Computer Company Limited has built a team of experienced
staff to perform and sell its range of services and products. The Parent
Company is specialized in repairing Apple products in particular. The company imports
and supplies equipment and services to small- and mid-size businesses across Kuwait
and a number of other Middle Eastern markets. 

      Business Description

7 Stars Computers operates
as a subsidiary of Seven Stars Computer Company Limited, an IT company based in
Kuwait. 7 Stars Computers will replicate the latter’s business model and offer
the same products and services as the Parent Company. The Company will sell a
wide variety of IT equipment and components, such as computers, POS systems,
and other hardware. Additionally, the Company will employ highly-experienced
staff to deliver services such as computer repairing and refurbishing,
corporate network infrastructure building and maintenance, telecommunication
design and implementation, workflow automation (CRM employment), and data
processing. The Company will primarily be specialized in repairing Apple

7 Stars Computers will obtain
used and decommissioned computers, networking hardware, and other devices, refurbish
and recycle them, and then either resell or redeploy them. The Company will
operate throughout the territory of Canada, as well as engage in international
trade by exporting products and parts to Kuwait, where the Parent Company will then
sell these goods in Kuwait and in other Middle Eastern markets. The Company
will target businesses and households across Canada that are in the need of
high-quality devices and equipment, or professionally-handled repair services.

7 Stars Computers will
transform how companies manage, maintain, and upgrade equipment and support for
multi-vendor, multinational networks, and data centers. By providing new and
pre-owned hardware, third-party maintenance, and IT services, all under one
contract, 7 Stars Computers will help companies extend their asset lifecycle,
decrease capital expenditures, and free up their IT teams from the burden of
daily support tasks and costly manufacturer-related constraints.

The Company will
collaborate with major suppliers, such as IntelePeer, Cisco, and Dandh, in
obtaining all necessary equipment. The Company plans to rent an office space in
Burlington, as well as a warehouse, where all repair, sales, and export
activities will take place.

7 Stars Computers will have
four main competitive advantages, namely the Parent Company’s ongoing support, its
highly-skilled in-house personnel, its quick response time, and its
cost-effectiveness and pricing strategy. These advantages will help the Company
distinguish itself from the competition, as well as strengthen its market
position. 7 Stars Computers will use both modern and traditional marketing
channels to promote its business. Its marketing activities, as well as the
competitive advantages that the Company will enjoy, will positively affect operations
moving forward.

    Product and Service Categories

     Computers, Computer Parts, and Other Electronic

The Company will purchase and sell
computers, computer parts, and other electronic accessories, with customers
able to choose from a wide variety of laptop parts such as chargers, batteries,
keyboards, displays, power cables, fans, etc. Additionally, 7 Stars Company
will offer POS systems, as well as smart coffee tables, gaming chairs, and key

    IT Assets Disposition

Many businesses simply retire any used IT
hardware and equipment. The Canadian entity 7 Stars Computers will assist
companies in planning the retirement and asset disposition of their used IT
hardware and equipment. 7 Stars Computers will purchase the used hardware while
at the same time supplying the same business with new and updated hardware. 7
Stars Computers’ contract with each client will cover planning the retirement,
procurement, and supply of new hardware, along with services relating to the
deployment of the new hardware and related software.

     Data Center Relocation

Data center migration refers to either the
migration of data center infrastructure to a new physical location or the
movement of data from an old data center infrastructure to new infrastructure
equipment at the same physical location. A data center houses the data storage
infrastructure, which in turn maintains the organization’s critical
applications. It consists of servers, network routers, switches, computers,
storage devices, and related data equipment. The Company will assist clients with
regard to this kind of activity.

     Storage/Data Migration

Storage migration is where a business
migrates data from one storage location to another. It means moving data from
one physical medium to another. A common reason for storage migration is the
upgrading of storage equipment to more sophisticated modern storage equipment.
Hence, it encompasses movement from paper to digital, tapes to hard disk drives
(HDD), HDD to solid-state drives, and hardware-based storage to virtual (cloud)-based

The movement is not driven by a lack of
space, but rather a desire to upgrade storage technology, and normally does not
alter the content or format of data. During storage migration, certain steps
such as data validation, cloning, data cleaning, and redundancy can be carried

Databases are data storage media where data
is structured in an organized way. Databases are managed through database
management systems (DBMS). Hence, database migration involves moving from one
DBMS to another or upgrading from the current version to the latest version of
the same DBMS. The former is more challenging, especially if the source system
and the target system use different data structures.

After the hardware gets updated, the
Company will migrate the existing data from one location to another, thereby enabling
the new system to function normally with the original data.

     IT Deployments

IT infrastructure deployment typically
involves defining the sequence of operations or steps – often referred to as a
deployment plan – that must be carried out in order to deliver changes within a
target system environment. The individual operations within a deployment plan
can be executed either manually or automatically. Deployment plans are usually well-defined
and approved prior to the deployment date. In situations where there is a high
potential risk of failure within the target system environment, deployment
plans may be rehearsed to ensure there are no issues during actual deployment.
Structured repeatable deployments are also prime candidates for automation,
which drives both quality and efficiency. 7 Stars Computers’ professional in-house
staff will assist companies with their deployment plans.

   Discovery Services

A discovery service is an online tool that
allows library systems to search across a wide range of content, including resources
in print and online. They are widely used by libraries around the world to help
users search for content in an accurate and efficient way. A discovery service provides
an all-in-one interface for finding both local library items and online subscription
and open access resources. The Company will offer discovery services in the
service portfolio.